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Corazón de mi Negra is much more than an alcoholic beverage; is a symbol of love, respect and appreciation.

Allow him to be your companion on the best occasions and the most special moments. Celebrate the magic of Mexican culture with each sip of this exquisite creation.

We invite all people of legal age to try our mezcal! We are sure that you will like at least some of them. Come experience this part of our Oaxacan heritage and culture.

Find out how we achieve this flavor, putting our tradition and heart in every drop of mezcal

Its smoky and woody notes are intertwined with fruity and herbaceous nuances, creating a unique sensory experience. Corazón de mi Negra is a tribute to the cultural richness and diversity of flavors that we proudly share with the world.

Discover a world of creativity and flavor with Corazón de mi Negra as the centerpiece of your cocktail creations. It is the Exceptional Mezcal harmonizes wonderfully with a variety of ingredients, allowing you captivating and unforgettable cocktails.

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